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Course Curriculum

Introduction to MS Excel 00:00:00
Basics of Excel
Overview of Excel 00:00:00
The Excel 2016 Ribbon 00:00:00
Working with Rows & Columns 00:00:00
Data Entry in Excel 00:00:00
Introduction to Formatting 00:00:00
Creating Formulas in Excel 00:00:00
Microsoft Excel at Its Best – Functions 00:00:00
Work Efficiently By Using Cut, Copy & Paste 00:00:00
Pasting Values, Formulas and Formats with Paste Special 00:00:00
Excel Best Practices
This Is How You Can Start Formatting Your Sheets in a Professional Way 00:00:00
Fast Scrolling That Would Allow You to Be 3x Faster 00:00:00
Fixing Cell References Properly 00:00:00
Using the Alt plus Enter combination 00:00:00
Learn How to Organize Your Excel Data with Text to Columns 00:00:00
Wrapping Text in Excel 00:00:00
Create Easily Printable Documents by Using Set Print Area 00:00:00
Find and Select Special Types of Cells with Select Special (F5) 00:00:00
Learn How to Assign Dynamic Names within a Model 00:00:00
Excel Formulas that Make Sense – Named Ranges 00:00:00
Assigning Custom Formats to Specific Cells (Ex. Multiples) 00:00:00
Execute 50 Commands with a Single Click – Excel Macros 00:00:00
Create a Drop-Down List by Using Data Validation 00:00:00
Using Custom Sort in Order to Sort Multiple Columns within a Table 00:00:00
Create a Great Index Page at the Beginning of Your Financial Models 00:00:00
Freeze the Title Row of Your Table – Freeze Panes 00:00:00
Excel’s “Tell Me” Search Bar 00:00:00
Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts Save LOTS of time in Excel 00:00:00
Excel 2016 Functions
Key Functions in Excel: Count, Counta, Countif, Countifs 00:00:00
Key Functions in Excel: Sum, Sumif, Sumifs 00:00:00
Key Excel Functions: Average & Averageif 00:00:00
Working with Text in Excel: Left, Right, Mid, Upper, Lower, Proper, Co 00:00:00
Find the Highest and the Lowest Values in a Range: Max & Min 00:00:00
Include Round in Your Financial Models 00:00:00
Transferring Data Efficiently: Vlookup & Hlookup 00:00:00
Use Index & Match as a Substitute of Vlookup 00:00:00
Iferror Allows You to Deal Easily with Error Mesages 00:00:00
Excel’s Dynamic & Interactive Tables: Pivot Tables 00:00:00
Create Flexible Financial Models with the Choose Function 00:00:00
Find the Result that You Are Looking For with Goal Seek 00:00:00
Include Sensitivity Analysis In Your Model Through Data Tables 00:00:00
Create Professional Charts in Excel 2016
Introduction to Charts in Excel 2016 00:00:00
Inserting Charts in Excel & Learning About the Various Chart Types 00:00:00
Formatting of Excel Charts 00:00:00
Creating a Bridge Chart in Excel 2016 – As Easy As It Gets 00:00:00
An Easy Way to Create a Treemap 00:00:00
Use Sparklines to Show Data Trends 00:00:00
Build a Complete P&L from Scratch
Introduction to the Case Study 00:00:00
This Is the data that we will use for our Exercise 00:00:00
Let’s Reorder our Excel sheet and create a clear structure! 00:00:00
Introducing a Code: The best way to work with large amounts of data 00:00:00
Finishing Touches of our Database 00:00:00
Using Vlookup in Order to Transfer Data 00:00:00
Applying Sumif in Order to Populate the Database with Numbers 00:00:00
Demonstrating How Index & Match Can Successfully Replace Vlookup 00:00:00
Mapping the Items Within Our Database – A Key Exercise For Financial Analysts 00:00:00
Creating the Structure of the P&L Statement 00:00:00
Time for Some Formatting! The Secret of Creating Awesome Looking Excel Sheets 00:00:00
Populating the P&L sheet with figures 00:00:00
How do We Find Mistakes in the easiest way possible? 00:00:00
Finishing Touches: Calculating Year-on-Year Growth and Percentage Incidence 00:00:00
Course Challenge – Apply Your Skills in Practice 00:00:00
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